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1x drivetrain optimization

How do I optimize my 1x drivetrain setup for a flat ironman race when I know my power and speed targets?

Wheel Depth

I listened to the aero podcast. Do you recommend 60 fronts and 90 rears for my size or go 60/60? I’m looking at Flo aluminum + carbon wheels which I understand I can use my existing garneau brakes.

recovery dosage

what's the role of recovery in training and how can we know how much we need?

HRV Changes

A quick Q on HRV, The HRV number i got from measurements at the beginning of last year, can I measure them against readings I am getting today. So if today is a 7 and a reading from last year was a 10, I can assume that there is still correlation and I am a little more stressed today than a year ago?

Nike Vaporfly Aero

When Nike introduced the Vaporfly in the Breaking2 project, the long midsole tail was a novel feature. Nike touted it as aerodynamically superior and it certainly matches our mental model of slippery long-pointy teardrop attached flow shapes. Moreover, the Vaporfly Elite worn by Kipchoge and other pros featured a much more pronounced tail than the consumer 4% version. The subsequent Next% and Alphafly also have big tails. While I appreciate that the movement of the foot through the air is a complex motion that needs to factor in both forward motion and the gait cycle, I'm wondering if there is any validity to Nike's aero claims? Given your access to CFD resources, this could be an interesting analysis, especially versus the other conventionally shaped super shoes coming to market.